Whether you are reading this because you want to learn more about our product, or simply out of curiosity, welcome to our farm in Bali.

bali farm

When eco-conscious entrepreneurs and a dedicated entomologist put their heads and hearts together, a “lovechild” called Biobug was born. Coded in the DNA of this creation are a shared passion for innovation, science and of course, the environment. The founders of Biobug came together to bring a new age of insect-based nutrition foods for a sustainable planet.

Our in-house renowned cricket expert, with vast knowledge and experience in the field coupled with love for his work, developed the best method of raising and processing the insects. 

The result is the Biobug’s premium cricket powder that boasts quality unmatched by others. We proudly stand behind our product and guarantee the best taste and aroma along with other physical attributes that will give you the highest satisfaction. We realise this is food, and taste matters.

Today, Biobug is the only edible insect company officially sponsored by the Thai Government NIA (National Institute for Agriculture). 

It is an official partner of Chiang Mai University, and works closely with the Department of Entomology on Research and Development. Additionally, it is an ambassador of the Thai Government on GAP promotion and education of local farmers. 

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