Cricket Protein Powder; why you should be jumping all over it

There's an upward surge in the number of people looking for and using cricket protein powder to supplement their diet.

We’re already massive advocates (we make and sell it 😉) but it’s still something that a lot of people have questions about. Should I use it? Why would I eat bugs? Crickets, you actually eat them? 

What is Cricket Protein Powder?

Cricket flour or cricket protein powder is made from crickets that have been milled into a flour. Much the same as a traditional flour mill produces flour. 

The protein that is contained within cricket powder is something else, ours contains 69% protein. That’s huge plus it is a completely sustainable source at the same time. 

The human race has been eating crickets for thousands of years and we are just now in the western world starting to realise the power this food source can have.  

The planet needs us to start eating a sustainable protein source and Crickets provide the key to unlocking the door to keeping the population fed along with reducing the effects our food production has on the earth. 

Where to buy cricket protein powder

From Biobug UK of course. We grow them, we sell the powder. Our cricket flour is something we take pride in and we’re confident you’ll agree with our customers and find our protein powder to be one of the best on the market.

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